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Benefits of Investing in Carpet and Fabric Protection/Scotchgard

By vacuuming and cleaning your carpet and furniture regularly, you will help greatly in maintaining their appearance. However, if you want to prolong their beauty, then you should invest in the application of a quality fabric protector.

Scotchgard technology was specifically designed to protect furniture from grime, stains and dirt overall and effectively works by surrounding each fiber, creating a force field of resistance so that dirt and soil cannot pass through. This technology also can greatly reduce the fiber wear that occurs as a result of soil abrasion.

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An example of how carpet or furniture protection products can help is when you spilled for example, red wine. If your the carpets or upholstery haven't been protected you will see how the liquid absorbs into the fibers of the carpet or upholstery and in some cases leaves a horrible stain. If you spill on the carpet that has been protected you watch the liquid bead on the surface and not absorb into the fabric. It'll give you enough time to wipe off the spill without leaving a permanent stain. Having a carpet and fabric protection product on your furnishings is not meant that you can leave the spills until your next routine cleaning.

If you truly want to understand how investing in carpet and furniture protection products can assist you in maintaining the quality, beauty and overall condition these furnishing, you need to think about what happens after something spills. Let's say, for example, that you have just spilled red wine on your carpet or upholstery. Well, if your carpet did not have Scotchgard protection, then all you can really do is continue to watch as the liquid absorbs itself into the fibers of your carpet until (in most extreme cases) it creates a permanent stain.

On the other hand, let's say that your carpet was protected by Scotchgard technology when you spilled the red wine. You will be able to see the liquid bead up as it reaches the surface, but not a single drop will become absorbed any further into the actual fabric. This does not mean that you can just ignore the stains that occur until the next time that you have the carpet clean, but this protection does allow you to have an extended amount of time to clean up your mess without having to worry about permanent stains.

If you sit in the same spot on your furniture over and over again or repeatedly walk along the same pathways on your carpet, you are going to create wear patterns. However, you can prolong the forming of these wear patterns simply by protecting your carpet through using Scotchgard technology. You should still regularly rearrange your furniture use throw rugs in high traffic areas throughout your home to prevent additional wear, but the Scotchgard protection can provide quality assistance for you in the long run.

If you have a pet, or especially several pets, within your home, then you are going to almost immediately be able to experience the benefits of investing in Scotchgard protection for all of your precious furnishings and carpet. It provides a layer of protection that will fight against most types of pet stains and work hard to repel liquids from soaking into the fibers of the fabric.

Some of the most common stains within a home that has pets are vomit and urine, which are widely known to bring a horrible odor that you eventually smell throughout your house if you do not address and resolve this issue soon enough. Having high quality Scotchgard protection, though, will provide an increased level of repellence for the odors and overall stains within your fabric. With Scotchgard, many of the stains that could have become permanent will now be able to easily become wiped away either through a basic wash or steam cleaning.

One of the best things that you will be able to experience from having Scotchgard protection is that you do not have to worry about it altering the look, breathability or even the feel and overall sense that you enjoy about your furnishings. You may have read about many cases in which the benefits of Scotchgard have been drastically exaggerated in an effort to reel you into purchasing it.

You need to fully understand something about Scotchgard that has been referenced several times throughout this webpage. Scotchgard is a very effective product but it is not a miracle product. You cannot abuse your carpet and furnishings, allowing stains and odors to remain in place for months and even years at a time and just expect Scotchgard to miraculously make everything all better. That is not how it works at all!

Anyways, as long as you understand the restrictions of Scotchgard and realize that you are still going to have to put forth the time and effort necessary to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your carpet and furnishing on a long-term basis, then having Scotchgard protection will prove to be one of the best investment choices that you have ever made when it comes to fulfilling the various cleaning needs of your home.

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